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Prologue: Believing in Love

As a little girl, I had always believed in true love. The knight in shinning armor had always been a dream, and so much more than a fairy tail.

However, as I became a teenager and eventually an adult, the concept shattered. Like every little girl, my parent’s relationship had been my model for all future relationships. And for years they lived together in perfect marital bliss.

That was until my father got sick and died of cancer, and my mother so consumed by misery took to drinking sorrows away. When I ran away from home and came to live with my beloved Grandmother, I had pretty much given up all hope in ever finding love. Or ever finding someone to love me back. Love quickly became the fairy tale. One I didn’t believe in.

In fact, even if there was a tiny, minuscule part of me that still believed I could find someone to love, I felt like I was completely hopeless to find someone who would love me back. Not after all of the emotional baggage I still carried from my family falling apart before my eyes.

I was far too emotionally damaged for anyone to ever look past that and get to know the real me.

That was until Taylor walked into my life.

For so long, it felt like life was trying to screw me over. Like fate had it in for me or something and was deliberately doing everything in it’s power to make me suffer miserably.

But now that I had Taylor it was like I was being spoiled. I couldn’t ask for a better person. He’d given me so much, but insisted that I was the one who changed him. He was perfect in almost every way.

Taylor truly was my knight in shining armor. With him by my side, I could do anything. I could over come anything. As long as I had him, I could meet anything life threw my way.

And I could finally believe in love again.

And even though the prospect of getting married so young terrified me a little, I knew that with his ring on my finger and his promise to be with me forever, I could do almost anything.

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